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How To Plan And Estimate The Cost Of House Extensions

Posted by on Dec 9, 2021 in Business, Construction | Comments Off on How To Plan And Estimate The Cost Of House Extensions

What are the various kinds of house extensions? The word house extension just refers to any additional structure that is added onto the existing building. This could be a bedroom extension, loft extension, bathroom extension, an extra room, or a garden extension. These extensions are most commonly used for making the house larger. This could be for adding an extra bedroom, an extra living room, or an extra bathroom.

Usually, you need to consult an architect prior to going ahead with house extensions. An architect would be able to give you correct advise on what kind of extension would suit your needs and requirements. Architects can also help you to plan this process accordingly. Some important factors that an architect would take into consideration include:

You need to take into consideration the building regulations of the area in which you live. Each area has its own set of building regulations; hence, you would need to ensure that you check with the local authorities about the kind of extension that you plan to go ahead with. Some areas have certain restrictions when it comes to extensions. There are some areas that do not allow ceiling height increases, for example. Consult the local building regulations to check if there are any additional planning regulations that you would need to follow in your area.

In the case of single-storey extensions, there are many things that you would need to take into account when planning the extension. The first thing to do is to figure out how much work there will be involved in carrying out the extension. The amount of planning required varies according to each individual house extension. You need to note down the measurements of the space that you want to add onto the existing house. If you are planning to add an attic extension, then the entire area of the loft needs to be measured accurately and a copy made of the plan should be kept.

The same thing applies to attic extensions. You also need to note down the measurements of the existing open areas of your home. This is where you will get the idea about the floor space that would need to be taken into consideration while carrying out house extensions. Your home extension ideas would depend upon the space available and the design of your new or old orangery.

The next step involves drawing out plans for your extension. You can either draw up your own plan for your extension by taking the existing plans of your home into consideration or you can contact a professional home extension services company who can draw up a plan based on the floor area of your house and garden. This would help you carry out the extension with ease.

Once you have drawn out your plan, you can now contact your local authority and talk to your local architect. Get his opinion regarding the cost and feasibility of extending your house. After getting the go-ahead from the architect, you need to fix up a fixed budget for your project. Setting a fixed budget ensures that you don’t overshoot the budget that you have set and that you are not hampered financially by not having enough money for the project. It is always good to have an in-depth discussion with your architect before starting any construction work.

Now that you have a rough estimate of the amount required for your extension and an architect’s opinion on the budget, you now need to look at the materials that will be required for the job. Wood is usually the preferred material for extensions as it is cheap and strong enough to be used for extensions. Most homeowners prefer wooden extensions as they blend in well with their homes and can also withstand adverse weather conditions such as heavy rainfall. There are different types of wood that you can choose from depending on the look and feel that you want your extension to have. For example, if you want a more contemporary look for your living room extension, you can opt for cedar wood. If you want an old fashioned and vintage look for your ground floor extension then you should consider using teak wood.

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